About Us

Hardwood flooring provides a great upgrade for your home. My recent customers liked how much cleaner they are compared to carpet, especially for people who have allergies and respiratory problems. For smaller rooms, it makes them look bigger and they last a lot longer than carpet.

At Outwest Hardwood Flooring, I have experience in water-damaged floors, I tear out old floors, replace with new flooring. Experienced in hardwood installation, sanding, and refinishing in new and older homes. I’ve done many custom inlays ranging from exotic wood borders, thresholds, special designs, and entryways. I’ve done rustic and distressed floors which is a great look for cabins and ranch homes.


Established in 2003.

Back in the older days the products were a lot of work to maintain that's why people covered wood up with carpet. We now have amazing finish coats that keep getting better and tougher so wood is more popular than ever. Wood is also a great way to increase the value of your home and meet the high demand of cleanliness everyone is looking for today.

Meet the Business Owner

I'm Pat I have always worked with wood ever since I was 8 years old handing tools to my dad while he was building stairs. I have always had a passion learning new ways to work with wood. I know a lot of the old ways of how things were done and now mix them with the new age. I am one of the few that can say I love my job and treat every floor as if it was my own.

Pat B.

Business Owner